I am a British/Spanish musician and videographer. I create original music as a multi-instrumentalist and singer for myself, the bands I have formed and performed with and, most recently, for the audiovisual artists I have collaborated with.

I have a BA in English Language and Literature and, as a result of studying works of literature while working on my own compositions, I became very interested in how creative practitioners develop in relation to the work of other artists. This led to my present state of development, in which I have started to explore diverse methods of engaging with multiple disciplines (literature, film and music) in order to create new links between them.

My artistic career spans 22 years. I studied classical music (piano, clarinet and choral music) in early childhood and joined several bands in my 20’s (Zeno and the Stoics, Kenguravinca, Pasajero, La Casa del Árbol and Matatigre). During this time I published 6 LP’s and 3 EP’s; worked alongside well-respected musicians such as Gordon Raphael (The Strokes, Regina Spektor) and Ricky Falkner; toured internationally; played in a wide range of venues and festivals and collaborated with multiple artists (mainly creating original music for their projects). Examples of the latter include my work for Miguel Mejías (Nocturnos, La Viajante, The Foundation), a young up-and-coming Spanish film director from the Canary Islands.


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