Monte das Hortas

Monte das Hortas
Monte das Hortas
Monte das Hortas
Monte das Hortas
Monte das Hortas
Monte das Hortas


Heards of sheep with dingelingeling bells graze here, where I have been for 30 years slowly developing a traditional little farm into a functioning beautiful place to create. Theatre, music, writing, painting, photography, dance – many artists have been inspired here, and found peace and focus. Either when I am here (november – april) or when I am away. There are two houses and a separate studio room, so there is space and privacy. I have done my life’s work in the theatre, as actress, director, event creator, researcher, teacher and more. All of Scandinavia is my home, my passport is finnish, my work I have done from Mocambique in the south to Greenland in the north, Brazil, Samiland and all over. I speak finnish, swedish, english, portuguese.

Host type: Individual
Work-exchange: Help

There are many options for an artist’s stay here. When I am here (november – april) the gardener’s house is available. Lodging provided free and either artist is on her/his own, paying electricity and firewood, making own food OR artist works for the house (tasks and working time to be negotiated) and gets firewood/electricity/food.
May – october there can be several artists in all buildings, either doing some small works for the house (mostly watering the garden) or contributing in some creative way. Someone must be the ”responsible housekeeper”, preferably for the whole 6 months time in the gardener’s house. At times the main house is rented out (to gather some funds), at those times the ”responsible housekeeper” also takes care of cleaning the main house and washing sheets etc. There are always lots of vegetables growing in the big garden – available.

Accommodation: Self-contained studio

1) Gardener’s house, 64 m2: Big room with double bed and traditional ’cheminé’ and big equipped kitchen with double bed in alcove and a good salamandra for heating. Shower with warm water and washing machine. Compost toilet. In the peace and beauty of the big orange orchard/vegetable garden. Spring nearby for drinking water
2) Main house 160 m2: 3 bedrooms with double beds (plus small room with single bed behind master bedroom), big living room, big well equipped kitchen, wc. Shower with hot water in separate sauna building. On the hill, with view. Available may – october.
3) Studio room, separate building in front of main house. Big windows. Double bed. Peace. Not water. Available may – october mainly, but other time negotiable.

Languages: English, Finnish, Portuguese, Swedish
Facilities: No equipment, no dancefloor, no very big rehearsal space, no painting studio with water etc.
Additional information:

Everything is negotiable. Difficult to list all possibilities here. Get in touch!


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