Carry out research and create work in Menorca

Carry out research and create work in Menorca
Carry out research and create work in Menorca
Carry out research and create work in Menorca
Carry out research and create work in Menorca
Carry out research and create work in Menorca
Carry out research and create work in Menorca


This call is aimed at Women Artists of any age, who want to carry out research and create work in Menorca during the months of May or October 2022.

#wowo offers women artists a program of International Residencies, Activities and Workshops that allow them to create as well as to position themselves professionally.

The residences will last one month.

Artists who are starting, in process, or finishing some practice in the field of contemporary creation, may apply individually or in groups (maximum 3 members).

The disciplines that fit the characteristics of the house are:
Sound Art, Music, Performance, Photography, Writing, Design, Painting, Digital Art, Illustration, Video and New Media.

From March 13-31, 2022

April 8th

The criteria to assess the selection of proposals will be:

·Interest, quality and contemporaneity relevance of the proposal
·The experimental and innovative nature in the search for new lines of work around plastic, visual, sound, literary, performative or new media arts.
· Its intrinsic relationship with the environment.
· Its viability and development capacity.

The artists who wish to register in this call must send a single document, labelled with the name of the person in charge of the project, containing the following information:

1. Contact details of the artist in charge of the project including website and/or social media links.
2. Brief resume of the artists, (maximum one page for each).
3. Date preferences.
4. Name and description of the project (maximum three pages, with photographs and appropriate links): current status, objectives, methodology and working plan.
5. Technical needs.
6. Spaces that are expected to be used.
7. Workshop that could be offered.*

*In order to create synergies with the local network, the residents agrees to:
-Present their process in public, in an Open Studio Day.
-Dedicate a minimum of 2 days to carry out a small collaboration with one of the local artists in our database.
-Carry out a workshop (optional) of between 4 and 8 hours. The profits will be divided 50% between the artist and #wowo.

The workshops are divided into two types:
A) ARTISTIC WORKSHOPS: Of the different disciplines: Music, Performance, Voice, Video, Visual Art, Installation, etc.
B) PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOPS: Legal forms and invoicing, Registration of works, Presentation of Projects and biographies, Announcements, Social Networks….

The jury for this call will be made up of professionals from the sector and representatives of the #wowo team.

The price of the residence is €600/month.

In case of a project with more than one artist, €400/person will be paid.


·Transportation to and from the airport.
·Room with work space.
·Use of common facilities.
·Kitchen shared with the rest of the residents.
·Monitoring of the project by #wowo: women at work.
·Dissemination of the project on the web, press and social networks.
·Presentation of the process in the residence space.
·When possible and depending on the discipline, presentations in spaces outside the residence.


·Transportation to the island
·Internal transport
·Subsistence allowance
·Production costs

Host type: Individual
Accommodation: Private room

We are a few meters away from the sea, surrounded by nature in Punta Prima, southeast of Menorca, Balearic Islands, Spain.

The artists will be able to use the spaces and resources available for the best development of their work, as well as the common areas and garden.

In the Residence we have two rooms, one double and one triple to accommodate between 2 to 4 residents per month. The rooms have a small desk, wardrobe and ensuite.

In case you need more space, you can also use, you can also request on application:
· WORK SPACE 1. 16m2 studio.
· WORK SPACE 2. Round studio of aprox 50m2.

Length of stay: 1 month


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