Alina Shimova

Alina Shimova


She was born in 1985 in Moscow. In 2015 she became an artist-restorer and graduated from the University of Ural State Academy of Arts with a degree in painting. Now she lives and works in Moscow and US cities. In 2021 she was a participant in the Art Basel Week in Miami and now she is involved in NFT-projects. This news was reported in the article about Shimova by a well-known russian newspaper «Kommersant-Daily» («Коммерса́нтъ-Daily»).

Shimova took painting classes with the famous artist Satarov, whose works are presented in the Kremlin, and then she delved into contemporary art. The art of the USA of the 20th-11th centuries influenced the formation of her artistic style. Shimova was inspired by the spirit of freedom and was able to move away from the canons.

Now her works are in private collections of Russian and European art collectors. In September 2021 Shimova took part in the Art Basel Week in Miami with two well-known paintings «Hulk» and «Dark Phoenix». She also painted a series of paintings by Cabana Boy for the Bruce Gallery in Edinboro.

Her first large-scale solo exhibition with a series of works «Superwoman» took place in 2021 in Moscow. Media personalities, mass media, statesmen were invited. After the exhibition articles were published in which critics praised the event.

Also Shimova focuses on animalistic art. She is vice-president of the International Union of Animal Artists and is involved in charity. Part of the money from the sale of paintings goes to animal protection funds.

Now Shimova is interested in digital art, especially NFT. The artist has already placed her works for sale on the NFT-marketplace OpenSea. In addition, another 5 NFTs of the series «Superwoman» sited on Loot Arena.


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