For Hosts

Get help, learn new skills or receive original artwork in exchange for providing food and accommodation to artists. Alternatively, you can earn additional income by renting out your extra space – room, studio, workshop…


Hosts provide food and accommodation to artists who:

  • Help with creative projects (mural painting, content writing…) or day-to-day tasks (gardening, animal care…)
  • Share their skills and knowledge (through lessons, workshops, presentations…)
  • Offer original work (concerts, artwork…)


The ‘self-funded’ category allow hosts to temporarily rent out extra space in their homes, enabling them to earn an additional income while supporting the creative development of artists.

Become part of the community as an Artshare host and meet artists from all around the world!

For Artists

Connect with hosts from all around the world and travel while you help, share your skills or offer original work. If instead you wish to focus entirely on your work you can book accommodation in spaces conducive to creativity.

Artshare not only enables hosts who support arts and culture to share their space, it also gives artists (creators, makers, thinkers, doers…) the opportunity to create a profile through which they can showcase their experience, knowledge and skills. Amongst other things this helps artists to:

  • Gain international visibility
  • Promote their work
  • Establish new connections and collaborations

*Contacting ‘work-exchange’ hosts requires a membership – only 9.90€ per year (Excl. Tax)

Become part of the community as an Artshare artist and meet hosts from all around the world!

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Madeline MacKenzie working on a mural at Chante 18 in Puebla (Mexico)

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  1. Register: Register by providing an email and password or sign in using your existing Google account.
  1. Complete your account: This step is necessary in order to add a profile and increases your chances of connecting with other Artshare members.
  1. Add a profile: With your account completed, it’s time to add a profile. Add plenty of photos and as much info as you can – details will vary depending on the category selected (hosts/artists). We will aim to verify your profile within 24 hours.
Contact us if you have any questions. We’re here to help!

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