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Artshare connects hosts who support arts and culture with creators who wish to share their skills, create new work, expand their network or experience new cultures.

We enable creators–from any background or discipline–to find time and space to create, connect and share. At the same time, hosts can share their space and contribute to a patronage model that nurtures creativity and collaboration.

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Eco village El Campico

Setting: Rural
Accommodation: Shared room
Disciplines: Architecture, Cultural heritage, Literature, Music, Performing arts, Visual arts
Work-exchange: Help, Original work, Skills and Knowledge
Contact us if you have any questions. We’re here to help!

How it Works

Hosts on Artshare offer two types of opportunities:

  • Work-exchange* – Hosts provide time and space to creators who:
    • Help with creative projects (mural painting, content writing…) or day-to-day tasks (gardening, animal care…)
    • Share their skills and knowledge (through workshops, presentations…)
    • Offer original work (concerts, artwork…)
  • Self-funded – Creators book accommodation in spaces that are conducive to creativity

*Contacting ‘work-exchange’ hosts requires a membership.

7 Profiles


Help hosts, share skills and knowledge or offer original work
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Book accommodation in spaces conducive to creativity
Contact us if you have any questions. We’re here to help!

What People Say

“Artshare’s ethos offers a far more meaningful level of connection”.


Patricia Cain

Visual artist and scholar

“A meeting place for people who wish to share and inhabit creative spaces”.

Cecilia González


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